the industrialism

18yrs. musician. producer. androg. horror and surrealism aficionado.
mostly sex, stream of consciousness texts, drilling beats, ambient music and environmental surrealism are here.


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Skating Static series framed prints on display @ Collective Skateshop LA

3921 W 6th st. Los Angeles, 90020

Minimalism at very best.

(Arvo Pärt – Für Alina)

Current mood: In love with ECM Records’ catalogue.

Hello everyone. Finally, I have some WIP demos for my new album, but The Industrialism is dying in terms of money right now and needs help! My new release will be a double album with modern classical influences and they’re sounding so good and special, but I need money to update my shitty bedroom studio, because I can’t keep making music with the gear I have here. I was thinking to find a way to fund my new album and I even thought about crowd founding campaign, but I found a great and better way for it. This way will be a perfect thing for those who loves my music, who wants to hear more stuff for me (like old stuff you guys love and I deleted on Bandcamp, as example) and wants to help me for my new album.

In the next months, I’ll be re-releasing some old albums on my Bandcamp in a totally new form: Deluxe Remastered albums. These Deluxe re-releases will feature a totally new mastering, completely new artwork and loads of new songs/outtakes that didn’t fit in that special occasion, including some old songs that have the same recording vein. All these albums will be paid and 100% of the money will fund all the special gear I’ll need for my next album, which will include a MIDI controller (which my wife will already help me with this), a new audio interface and updating my personal laptop. In this special way, you guys don’t need to donate a small amount of money without getting anything back because, c’mon: donating money for a cause, without getting anything good back from your favorite artist, isn’t something great to do, right? My fans always want new songs and I need money for gear, so I’m merging the good with the agreeable. Giving these albums for you guys will be a way to thank all the help and support I always received all this time!

The preorder for the first Deluxe Remastered special release, after the announcement of the special campaign to help The Industrialism fund his new album and update his bedroom studio, is now available on Bandcamp. The album will be released on the next week.

Please, share with your friends because, the more you help, the faster you’ll make me realize my dream to release my first double album soon!

Listen/purchase: An Orphan Without Hope by The Industrialism


Margot Stilley / 9 Songs 2004
"Touch my pussy"
20 Monica Bellucci movies from 1992-2013 and their countries of initial release ranging from Italy, France, USA, to Iran.

Monica Bellucci by John Nollet for Elle [Russia], October 2011


Here’s an exclusive free stream of vaporwave artist Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza's upcoming EP, Watch Their Loneliness. This short burst of lo-fi late night vhs-wave will be out via Night Plaza Records on March 21st, so do tha right thing and keep your ears peeled.